Segun el Zohar

Segun el Zohar....

“almas gemelas no son dos personas mirándose la
una a la otra, sino dos personas caminando en la misma dirección, ya
que a pesar de los problemas siempre van a tener las misma metas y
aspiraciones y es eso lo que las va a mantener unidas.”

“La verdad es que el mundo funciona a un nivel que no vemos, el 99%. Cada
vez que compartes, cada vez que creces espiritualmente, estas ayudando a
tu alma gemela a crecer también, aunque ni siquiera el lo sepa,
aunque no lo veas. Cuando entiendes esto, es cuando puedes manifestar la
conexión con esta persona, ya que cada cosa que haces, sabes que no
solo te afecta a ti.”

lunes, 6 de diciembre de 2010

Academic Merits - English

David M. Karp
Born 11/15/1958 in Montevideo
Domiciled in Avenida Italia 2378. Tel  2480.11.21- 094.943 591
Degree in Psychology - Graduated from the Uruguayan Republic. University 1990
Master in Social Gerontology  LEON UNIVERSITY ,SPAIN 2009


Faculty of Humanities and Sciences,  Uruguayan Republic. University
Philosophical Research Methodology
Logic I
Logic II

Institute of Social Studies at the  Uruguayan Republic. University
Further Mathematics
Introduction to Sociology
Types of Companies
Social Institutions.

Faculty of Law and Social Sciences  Uruguayan Republic. University
International Seminar on Quantitative Methods of Analysis of Historical Data


 Kibbutz Ga'aton, Israel
Drafting Committee of Publication "ENCUENTRO " Youth Mapam


Enrolled in the School of Psychology at the  Uruguayan Republic. University

Personal psychoanalysis with Dr. Celia Plzzolanti Porro (Training Analyst of the Psychoanalytic Association of Uruguay)
Is accepted as "Honorary teacher" Department of Geriatrics, Hospital de Clinicas at the  Uruguayan Republic. University Faculty of Medicine, Graduate School

Attended to

Conference Neurotrasmición monoaminergic modulation and Sleep in Man "Regional Symposium" Sleep and Insomnia "Fundamentals Biological and Psychopathological

"On Human Nature"
Student monograph recommended by the Chair as a reference Psychogenetics Library of the School of Psychology
Magazine "Relaciones"
"Psychology College Search Site. Details Here" No. 31 12/86


He joins the Psychosomatic Unit of the Department of Psychiatry, University Hospital where he remained until 1992

Attended to
Symposium on Perinatologla Biopsychosocial Approach "
Latin American University Conference on Geriatrics and Gerontology - Mar del Plata Argentina, Argentine Uruguayan Academic Ceremony (University JFKemedy-Buenos Aires Argentina
VII Latin American Congress of Child Psychiatry

Presented a Paper
First Conference for Nursing Gerontology Rioplatenses

Magazine "Relaciones"
               Politicians at the University No. 38 7 / 87
               The Older people also exist N0.409 / 87


"The Basics of therapeutic communities" Psychiatric Clinic of the Faculty of Medicine, University of the Republic

Presented a Paper
Third Conference on Geriatric Therapeutics Rioplatenses
"Accidents in the elderly: a psychoanalytic approach"

Attended to
Accidentology day; IV Uruguayan Congress of Psychiatry


Attended to
"The Name of the Father" Montevideo.24 Freudian School of December 1989
"The Management of Patients with Dementia" geriatricians and gerontologists Association of Uruguay 1989
"Uruguayan XIV Conference of Psychology" 10 to 12 August
"Dignity for the elderly today" Second Day of Geriatrics and Gerontology Maldonado
"Vascular and Metabolic Factors Related Skin Aging", "Intravenous Infusion Retrograde" geriatricians and gerontologists Association of Uruguay, Ordinary Scientific Meeting

Teaching Activities

Workshop on Aging Mental Health Specialists
Faculty of Medicine Clinics of Geriatrics and Psychiatry National Mental Health Programme National Aging Program


Title Psychologist issued by the Faculty of Psychology at the Universidad de la Republica Oriental del Uruguay.

Presented a Paper
    A word to the role - as we speak and live the old man; "
   "The Rorschach in the Third Age."
   "The institutionalization of the elderly"
Multidisciplinary workshop Elderly Mental Health, 10 September 1990

Teaching Activities
"Psychometric Evaluation of Impairment in the Elderly" Department of Geriatrics and Gerontology, Faculty of Medicine provides doctors prostrate

Attended to
Geriatrics and Gerontology in Maldonado, October 1990
Therapeutic Update Seminar Psiconeurogeriatría

"Care of the Elderly Mental Health Primary Care Guide"
Department of Geriatrics and Gerontology ; BPS


Founding Member of the Uruguayan Society of Psychosomatic

Clinics Hospital, Faculty of Medicine supports his candidacy for OAS scholarships on "Plans and Agents Training Programs for the development of culture"

"Some theoretical problems of social communication related to Education"
Deepening Unit, Specialization and Graduate School of Humanities and Sciences Communication

Board Coordinator
River Plate Congress of Geriatrics and Gerontology

Presented a Paper
"Social Anxiety in the elderly rioplatense Congress of Geriatrics and Gerontology
1st Conference for the Care of the elderly with Memory Loss and Dementia
"The  Elderly family " XV Uruguayan Psychology Conference
"Social Violence and the Elderly" "Immunity Inner World and Narcissism"
"Dementia: a way of being without being (or) a way of being" Uruguayan Psychosomatic Society

Published Works

"Domestic Abuse of the Elderly"
Joint work of the Departments of Legal Medicine and Geriatrics Journal of Law and Family Uruguayan N6. Fundación de Cultura Universitaria
"Care of elderly patients with memory problems, or Senile Dementia" Manual ; Published by the Department of Geriatrics and BPS

Teaching Activities

"The Elder and Family" course for volunteers in the Care of the Elderly Uruguayan Red Cross, Department of Geriatrics and Gerontology, geriatrics Gerontologists Association of Uruguay:

Social Action
Officer of the Department of Geriatrics and Gerontology in the case of Felisa Silva


"Islamic Thought in the West as an assistant" Deepening Unit Specialization and Graduate School of Humanities and Education at the University of the Republic
"Psychiatric Emergency " Mental Health Unit of the Pasteur Hospital
Second Introductory Course Methodology Research on "National Board of Health

Published Works

"Violence and the Elderly in Uruguay"
Uruguayan Journal of Law and Family  N '7. Fundación de Cultura Universitaria.
"Narcissism Immunity and Inner World " Psychosomatic Uruguayan Yearbook No. 1

Presented a Paper

"Different aspects of the Rights and Duties of the Elderly: A transdisciplinary approach" Center for Gerontology Research and Studies of Uruguay
"Plan for the Preparation of the elderly in their pre-and post-retirement" Coauthor Department of Geriatrics, Hospital de Clinicas
Geriatricians Association Gerontologists: Ordinary Scientific Meeting July 4


Founding Member of P. - Uruguayan Psychosomatic Society

Member of Scientific Committee P between 1993 and 1994


"Course on dementias, their Diagnosis and Treatment "First Spanish Association of Mutual
"Psychotherapeutic Treatment of Patients with Organic Disease Manifestations "Uruguayan School of Psychoanalytic Psychosomatics


"First Assistants Course Health Education" National Board of Health

Attended to

"Depression in Medicine, New therapeutic aspects in daily practice" DNSFF.AA
"Today's Neurosis" Psychoanalytic Association of Uruguay
"AUDEPP questions the violence"
"Ischemic Cerebrovascular Disease" Working Group of cerebrovascular diseases Neurology Institute


Awards - Mentions
First Prize "Accidents in the Elderly: The Falls" Uruguayan Psychosomatic Society
Second Prize "Social Anxiety in the Elderly Uruguayan" Ministry of Education and Arts & Culture Multi Family
Mention "Profile Analysis of Voluntary Blood Donors for the implementation of a project in the Education Area" DNSFF.AA


"Social Anxiety in the Elderly Uruguayan" Ministry of Education and Arts & Culture Multi Family


"Phylogenetic Basis of Human Behavior" Unit depth, specialization and Graduate School of Humanities and Education
"Refresher Course in Geriatrics" geriatricians and gerontologists Association of Uruguay

Attended to

"Digestive bleeding in the elderly"
"Treatment of Metabolic Brain Disorders in the Elderly"
"Geriatric Update Seminar"
                         Geriatricians and gerontologists Association of Uruguay
 "Scientific Conference on Psychiatry," Psychiatric Clinic of the Faculty of Medicine
" Update" D.N.S.FF.AA. Mental Health Division Department of Psychiatry
"3rd Day of Ischemic Cerebrovascular Disease" Working Group on Cerebrovascular Disease, Institute of Neurology


"Profile Analysis of the Voluntary Blood Donor Implementation of an Educational Project in the Area" Journal of the DNSFFAA 1994, Vol 17
"Feeling with Years" Supplement "Golden Years" Diario La Republica


Secretary General of the Society of Psychosomatic Uruguay from 1995 to 1997


"Psychotherapy Research" - Uruguayan Congress of Psychiatry
"Training Workshop in Library" - Biomedical Library DNSFFAA
"Preventive Medicine and Management", Assoc. Spanish

Presented a Paper

"The old man's body in psychoanalysis today" X Symposium of the A.P.U. September
"Domestic violence centered in the elderly VI Uruguayan Congress of Psychiatry Geriatric Therapeutics Conference Rioplatenses

Published Works

The body of the elderly in the current Psychoanalysis

Teaching Activities

"1st. Assistants Course Health Education "ESFFAA


Annual Prize Awarded for D.N. S.FF.AA. In the "Medicine"

Attended to

Clinical Research Methodology-HCFFAA
VI Jornadas Rioplatenses Geriatric Therapeutics

Interministerial Coordinator

Coordinated between the ministry of defense and ministry of public health nationwide training of personnel for the prevention of harmful habits and addictions 1995

Conference: Clinical Research Methodology October

Coordinator-Toxic habits Conference on National Board of Health May 4, 1995

Moderator- Toxic Habits Workshop on National Board of Health July 21, 1995

Responsible Coordinator First Training Workshop on Prevention Effectors Toxic Habits and Addictions National Board of Health October 1995 10/09/1911


"The old man's body in psychoanalysis today" in the book "The archaic, temporality and historicizing. September APU



"Comprehensive Geriatric Care Community Elder" UDELAR Fac of Medicine, Ben Gurion University of Negev 13-15 Maype

"EPI INFO 6" ESFFAA November 18

Presented a Paper
"Sexuality and Aging," "Accidents in the Elderly" and "The Fall" - First Symposium of Psychogeriatrics and Gerontology of the Southern Cone 27 to 29 November

XXIV International Conference of Hydatid Disease Update II National Conference 19-21 September Scientific Hydatidosis

Published Works

"Experience Montevideo Mortality among Jews in the Twentieth Century" Embassy of Israel 18 September

"Domestic Violence and the Elderly" The Social Anxiety "Journal of Psychiatry Year Uruguay No. 333 August LX

Award -
First  Mention in the area to public health and administration DNSFFAA Award: "Diagnosis, preliminary study and monitor the behavior of hydatid cyst Operated"

Attended to

"International Seminar on Drug Abuse "National Drug-AE First in Mutual Aid
"Late-life depression and Treatment" Sugg August 31
"Day of Ischemic Heart Disease Update in the Elderly" Sugg October

Published Works

"Diagnosis, preliminary study and monitor the behavior of hydatid cyst Operated" DNSFFAA Magazine Vol 18

Teaching Activities

"Aids Health Education" ESFFAA


"Progressive Support and Geriatric Rehabilitation" UdelaR Fac of Medicine, Ben Gurion University Israrel

Presented a Paper
"Days Rioplatenses in the Legal Framework for Prevention and Protection Assistance Family Violence" Ministry of Public Health Priority Area Domestic Violence November 24 -25

"A.A.A.M.I. Normal Memory Loss in the Elderly; Associates Psychological Aspects, "" Accidents in the Elderly "," Falls in the Elderly "Scientific Conference in Psychiatry

Publication "Psychogerontology, Psychoanalytic psychosomatic Aging (Book)

Report "in the elderly are accidental accidents" November 14

"Domestic Violence in the Elderly. Social Distress "Journal of Psychiatry, Uruguay, Year No. 336 September LXI
Attended to"Days Rioplatenses Geriatric Therapeutics' Nov. 29," Hypertension in the Elderly "August 30," Hip Fracture "May 31
"Scientific Conference of Psychiatry" H Clinical Psychiatry Clinic in October

Teaching Activities

"Aids Health Education" ESFFAA

"Iatrogenic of medical knowledge" Graduate Course for Advanced Practical Issues of Internal Medicine. HCFFAA



"Unitage Course 1998" - August 31

Prize - a statement
Museum "Beth Hatefusot (Museum of Jewish Diaspora" community work "Mortality Experience among the Jews of Montevideo in the Century 20" stayed in the museum to be consulted by researchers

Attended to

"Diabetes in the Elderly", Sugg-EMC May 30
"Neuromyopathy" Sugg May 16
International Seminar on "Normal Aging Depression-Dementia-Memory" Asoc.Española October 23
"Cardiovascular Drug Therapy in the Elderly" Sugg
"Itching in the Elderly" Sugg, 31, July
"National Conference for a special law creating a system of prevention, detection and treatment of Domestic Violence" Directorate General of Health MSP, November 25


"Course Assistant Health Education" ESFFAA

Teaching Activities

"Introduction to Psychoanalytic Psychogerontology Aging Unit" training of graduates, School of Psychology UdelaR
"First Conference on Adolescent Health Instructors or Liceo Militar General Artigas" March 4
Military Institute of Advanced Studies' Conference on Education for Health "


"Iatrogenic of medical knowledge" DNSFFAA Magazine Volume 20



"Clinical and Psychosocial Intervention in the Elderly" Instituto Canario Social Studies and Promotion and Health, February

"Planning Services for Senior Citizens" UdelaR-International Training Center Golda Meir Mount Carmel Haifa Israel, July 12
Unitage Course (Univ. Grenoble France) August 24

Presented a Paper

"Iatrogenic of medical knowledge" Sugg October

Prize - a statement

"The need or feasibility of a psychogeriatric service in DNSFFAA First Prize Scientific Working Area and Administration Public Health ESFFAA DNSFFAA-December

Attended to

"Assessment of the Elderly Using Multidimensional Scales" Sugg-EMC Aug.
"Urinary Tract Infections: Basic Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Treatment" EMC September Sugg
"Update on the treatment of osteoarthritis" Sugg November
River Plate VIII of Geriatrics Conference June 7
"Seminar on Mental Health and Healthy Aging" For a living space "MSP-INASAM October 5


"Club Day on volunteer blood donors of the Armed Forces, 30 September

Teaching Activities

"Course Assistant Health Education" in December ESFFAA
"Basic Training Program for Interdisciplinary Intervention in Domestic Violence Crisis alk about
Elderly "UdelaR - November-December MSP


Presented a Paper

"Depression in the Elderly Normal Valued through the Rorschach Test" 1st Virtual Congress of Psychiatry "
"Sexuality Symposium Interdisciplinary Institute for Gerontological Education in Uruguay May 5
"Contributions of Rorschach test in the diagnosis of Intellectual Cognitive Impairment in the Elderly" Scientific Conference of Clinical Psychiatry Psychiatry UdelaR Fac Medicine, November 1923

Attended to

"Medicine for the Elderly Day" Department of Geriatric Medicine Fac UdelaR, Division of Geriatric Medicine McGill Universitty, 18 September
"1st Virtual Congress of Psychiatry"
"Scientific Conference of Psychiatry" Psychiatric Clinic HClinicas
"Cerebrovascular Disease" Sugg EMC 2 September
"Course in Geriatric Gerontology 15 September

"Assistant Education Course for Health-DNSFFAA, ESFFAA



"Course in Gerontology and Geriatrics"
"Third Meeting Rioplatense Hispano, October 9
"International Workshop on Control of Snuff" House of Representatives, Chair, August 16
"2nd Virtual Congress of Psychiatry", "Domestic Violence"

Presented a Paper

"X Day Basic Training in Gerontology Institute for Gerontological Education, Uruguayan Red Cross
"2nd Virtual Congress of Psychiatry", "Psychometrics and Psychodiagnostics The Third Age. Some aspects of our practical, everyday "


Organize activities on "Mental Health and Prevention of Toxic Habits and Addictions" MDN-MSP nationwide in March 1929

Attended to
"Palliative Care" Sugg April 28



"The theme Gerontology and Aging Research" Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales (FLACSO)

Presented a Paper

"I body, I skin" Uruguayan 9th Congress of Dermatology, October 24
"The evolution of sexuality Elderly Commission of the IMM July 31
"The Body in Psychoanalysis" 2nd Congress of Psychoanalysis APU May 10

Attended to

"Prostate Tumors" May 4, "Women's Tumor Pathology" Sugg May 25-EMC-May 4
IX Conference "Delia Coquard Basic training in Gerontology July 29

Teaching Activities

"Course Assistant Health Education" in December DNSFFAA
Fourth meeting of Gerontology and Geriatrics, Gerontology and Geriatrics Course


Presented a Paper

"Patient with Insomnia" X Day Basic Training in Gerontology, Red Cross-Training Inst Gerontological


The MEC-National Institute for Family and Women Technical Institute Forensic "Expert on Domestic Violence", March
Activity lies at the Command Headquarters Montevideo

Attended to

"Invasive Procedures in Cardiology", Sugg-EMC July 28
"Vertigo" Sugg October 23
Symposium from the South. Geriatrics and Gerontology in Everyday Practice "Training Institute in November 1915 Gerontological CASMU

Teaching Activities

"Professional Training Workshop in the Framework of Police of the adult program" Staff, Ministry of Interior, 24 -26 November.

"Psychology of Ageing" Course Assistant Animator and Gerontology, Gerontological Training Institute of Uruguay, March 29

"Course Assistant Health Education" DNSFFAA July.


Program "The Meaning of Sex" Channel 10, Sept. 16


Presented a Paper

"Stimulation of Brain Function" V Hispano Rioplatense meeting, Symposium II from the South "Gerontological Training Institute
"Sexuality in the Elderly" 3rd meeting of the People of the Golden Age Paysandú October 14

"IX Day Basic Training in Gerontology and Update" September 4

Prize - a statement

"Global Organization for Excellence in Healt (Gohe) nominated for" Excellnce Prize in Health care "

Finalist Award "Millennium" to "Battery Information for the diagnosis of cognitive impairment in the elderly" Entrepreneur Category

Teaching Activities

"Psychological Aspects of Aging. Dementia "First Meeting of Gerontology del Litoral. Basic Course in Introduction to Gerontology, Salto July 3



"Feasibility of Residential Seminar for 3rd Age" Montevideo University Biomedical Science Center July 6

Presented a Paper

"First National Meeting of the Army Field Psychologist" Peace Mission A Comprehensive Approach ", November 25

Attended to

"International Workshop on the Control of Snuff, Rationality Legislative Strategies for the Control of Snuff" President of the Chamber of Deputies, MSP, 15 August.

Teaching Activities

"1st Course for Health Professionals who will attend Peacekeeping Missions United Nations" School of Peace Operations in the Army



"Affective Disorders in the Elderly. Integral Therapeutic Approach "Soc Psychiatry. EMC, 15 September.
"Training Workshops; Protocols Elder Care" October 11

Prize - a statement

FUNIBER (Fundación Universitaria Iberoamericana) gives a grant for the completion of the Master of Social Gerontology

Attended to

"Pain in the Elderly" Uruguayan Association for the Study of Pain, October 5
Lecture by Professor Bo Henricson, MSP, ASSE, 13 November


For the article "Sex at 50", "El Pais" July, No. 74 (Sunday 9)



Seminar on Disability and Discrimination "Catholic Univ, UNDP, Faculty of Law, March 9
"1st Course on Comprehensive Approach to Cognitive Impairment in Older Adults" Graduate Department, Faculty of Medicine, EMC

Presented a Paper

"I forgot to forget you" Alappad, May 26
"II Latin American Congress of Psychogerontology" November 7

Attended to

"Treatment of Elderly Depression" Sugg. EMC December 8

Teaching Activities

"First Aid Courses for Military Personnel" ESFFAA, 22 August.


Presented a paper

"The body of the Insane," "A Battery of Cognitive Impairment Diagnosing Intellectual in the Elderly" III Argentine Congress on Mental Health, March 27
"Uniformed 1st Seminar for Human Rights, Gender and Sexual and Reproductive Health" ESFFAA, April
"Interdicilpin Ethics and Sexuality" Alappad November 28


"The body of the Insane" in the book "Modernity, Technology and Contemporary Symptoms", Page 338, AASM, BsAs, 2008

Attended to

"Upgrading the Diagnostic and Therapeutic dementia in the elderly" Sugg EMC, May 24
"Sarcopenia and Falls in Older Adults", Sugg EMC, July 26

Teaching Activities

"Basic Life Support Course for Personal Tactical Fighter Health no" ESFFAA 1, 8, October 22



University of Leon, Spain (FUNIBER)

Presented a Paper

"Research Seminar in Molecular Imaging with positron emitters: Integration of a National Network" UdelaR, CUDIM October 22
"Battery Diagnostic Intellectual Cognitive Impairment in the Elderly" and "Psychosomatic Psychogeriatrics, an unavoidable step"
"I Congress of the Department of Psychology," it was Age and Aging: Aging and Everyday Life "UBA, Faculty of Psychology
"Lecture 2009" Escape Mil. Aeronautics; Pando June 10

Teaching Activities

"Workshop for facilitators with a focus on Human Rights and Gender Perspectives in Sexual and Reproductive Health" UNFPA, ESFFAA November 18


Honorary Founder "Cuyana Society of Gerontology Community and Institutional"

Presented a Paper

"When the violence or the Name," "Elderly  and Drugs", International Congress of Psychology of Aging, Faculty of Psychology, National University of Mar del Plata Argentina


"Stress during the Missions" Cap II, Book of Nursing Operational ESFFAA

Attended to

"International Conference Status and Future of Molecular Imaging: Looking for the Horizon" CUDIM March 18
"Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment for Older Persons in the first level of care, in the framework of SNIS" UDELAR Fac of Medicine, Hosp. Clinics, October 22
Institutional Strengthening 1st Day, 24 April, the 2nd Conference on Capacity Building, June 5, Latin American Group for Interdisciplinary Gerontology